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Care Matters

Your pet isn’t just an animal to you. They’re a trusted confidant. An unwavering companion. An endless source of love and affection. They’re family. And with family, you need a veterinary team you can trust to truly do right by them. That’s why we built Coastal Plains. We believe the love you share with your pet is worthy of the best protection there is. Our medical standards are among the highest in the industry – that’s why we’ve earned AAHA accreditation. Our team is known for their skill and attention to detail, and our tools are state-of-the-art. Because when it comes to your family – why would you want anything less?

What your neighbors say…

Amazing Clinic! They have always taken great care of my dog Lexi. My dog is like my child & I Trust them while she’s in their hands. Highly recommended.


You cannot ask for better service, from the front door to the exam room, top quality people.


Everyone at the clinic was very patient with our very energetic Libby girl. She was given so many treats by their sweet and loving staff. Very very clean too. I wouldn’t take my fur babies anywhere else.


Visiting from out of town and my great dane got bitten by a snake. They got him in and taken care of and had excellent techs and the vet was wonderful. Excellent clinic!


Dr. Barron truly worked a miracle for my sweet Paige. She and her pups would not be here without him and his caring staff. A+++++++


Sadie Maxx and Harley Quinn are in excellent health all because of the great care they receive here. I can’t thank this team of professionals enough for taking such excellent care of our fur babies.

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How we’re different

Often times, people are accustomed to get in/get out clinics. Not here. When you bring your pet here, we take the time to truly get to know them, examine their physiological systems, and put a real preventive health care plan in place. That’s vitally important. You need someone who is committed to medical excellence, and who takes the time to really treat your pet as an individual with their own needs, challenges, and goals. Every single time you bring your pet into our team, you can rest assured knowing that your pet is receiving truly phenomenal medical care. Because they matter


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