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AAHA Accredited

The Standard of Veterinary Excellence


  • AAHA is an organization composed of experts in the veterinary profession. Its mission is simple: to accredit veterinary practices who exhibit excellence in everything they do. Fewer than 15% of veterinary practices nationwide earn accreditation.

    What's AAHA?
  • In order to earn and keep accreditation, a veterinary practice must undergo routine inspections from AAHA experts. During these inspections, the experts judge the practice on over 900 metrics of excellence in running a veterinary practice – from patient care, to anesthesia protocols, to sanitation practices, and much more.

    Accreditation Process
  • We are so proud of our accreditation because it shows that we hold ourselves to a higher standard. By choosing an AAHA accredited hospital, you know that your pet is receiving no less than excellent care. Because they deserve no less

    Why It Matters