Pet’s have dental problems just like people do! Most pets will have some sort of dental issue by 3 years old. So how do you know if your pet’s pearly whites may need some TLC from the staff of CPAC? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your pet’s breath knock you over?
  • Does your pet act differently or not play as usual?
  • Has your pet started dropping food or have bleeding gums?
  • Can you see yellow or brown on their teeth?
  • Have we talked to you about your pet needing a dental?
If the answer is yes, or even half-way yes to any of these questions then it is time to come in for a complimentary dental exam so we can see if your furbaby would benefit from a dental cleaning.

None of these symptoms are normal. They all mean something that needs attention. Tartar, rotten or broken teeth, periodontal disease oh my! These can all be lurking in your furry friends mouth! Plus, dental disease will cause pain and eventually shorten the lifespan of your precious pet.

But don’t fret! We can help! Here at Coastal Plains Animal Clinic, we offer the safest experience for your pet. Pre-anesthetic bloodwork, intubation, pain medication, antibiotics, iv fluids, ultra-sonic scaling, polishing, x-rays, ekg, dedicated technician monitoring anesthesiaand all part of a dental prophylaxis at CPAC.

Do your pet a huge favor and give them a chance to feel ‘like new again”! Give us a call today to schedule a dental check-up!


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